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Happy Black History Month! There are many ways to honour this month. One very important one that we want to highlight is to support Black-owned businesses. A McKinsey & Company report showed that on average, Black entrepreneurs have access to one-third of the capital that white entrepreneurs have when starting a business. This inequity Black entrepreneurs face highlights the importance of redirecting our dollars to contribute to lasting economic equality for Black business owners.




    Mental health is one of the most important facets of your health, yet often the most overlooked.

    Fumi Majaro is a Registered Psychotherapist at Work in Progress offering sessions both in Toronto’s Dundas West and virtually. Her approach to therapy is trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and collaborative. Fumi is passionate about supporting clients on their journey of healing, growth, and change. 

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    Andrea Smith is a Registered Psychotherapist with Voice of Hope. She has over 20 years of experience and extensive education, and a variety of specialties including couples therapy, depression, anxiety, and more. Therapy can transform your health both physically and mentally.

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    Need to incorporate more muscle recovery into your life? Danielle Smith is a Registered Massage Therapist with a wide variety of specialties including: Infant Massage, Sports Massage, Pre-Natal Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage and much more. She is located in Toronto’s Dovercourt Village with Origin Wellness.

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    Dr. Candice Todd practice is rooted in health optimization & disease prevention. It is her passion to help her patients perform at their best while feeling their best. Dr. Todd utilizes evidence-based naturopathic medical care which prioritizes treating the root causes of health concerns. She offers sessions both in Toronto and virtually!

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    Coach Jahmeek is a Certified Strength Training Coach, Firefighter, and retired athlete. Jahmeek specializes in functional training to improve your athleticism. Looking to boost your sport? Strength training with Jahmeek will get you strongest on the field, ice, or wherever you play. 

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    Coach Jacq is a Certified Strength Training Coach and epic athlete. She will be your number hype woman both in the gym and life. Jacq has extensive experience and education in fitness. If you’re looking to hit your health goals in a personalized and fun environment, Jacq’s your girl!

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    Coach Cherise is a Certified Strength Training Coach and Pre- and Post-Natal Training Specialist. Whether you’re planning to get pregnant, currently are, or are in your postpartum journey, strength training with Cherise will help you feel strong, energized and confident throughout the process. 

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    Know of any awesome Black health professionals you’d like for us to feature? Send their info to – we are constantly referring our clients to other health professionals!

    Check out Black-owned Toronto to find a substantial list of Black-owned businesses in whichever market you’re looking for!

    Source: 15PercentPledge

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