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Strength Training Fuels Every Aspect of Your Life

All Day Fit helps every body make fitness a consistent part of their life by providing inclusive and intelligent fitness programs to help you feel stronger, energized and confident.

Typical Fitness Programs Only Focus on Appearance…


Weight loss is the centre of their fitness goals


One-size-fits-all mentality


Rely on HIIT/cardio to lose weight


Compares your body to others


Stress calorie counting and carb-elimination


Don’t provide sustainable tools

Not only are these programs intimidating, but they’re also unsustainable.

Fitness is More Than What You Look Like

Society has told us that the size of our bodies is tied to our self-worth. This mindset, although unsustainable, is extremely widespread, which is why finding a fitness program that doesn’t focus on appearance seems impossible.

At All Day Fit, we believe fitness provides benefits that have nothing to do with the size of your body. Fitness fuels every aspect of our lives, such as sleep, stress, nutrition, and overall well-being. Understanding the inherent value of fitness creates sustainable results which help you hit your long-term health goals.

Our programs focus on helping individuals become comfortable in their bodies by providing structured programs and a community that empowers you to become stronger, more energized, and confident.

Get Comfortable in Your Own Body

…Not the body someone else thinks you should have.


Feel less sluggish and more like yourself again.

Celebrate the small wins on your way to long-term goals.
Become strong and empowered to better tackle life’s challenges.
Structured Programs to Meet
Your Health and Wellness Goals

strong academy

A small-group personal training program that helps you reach your health goals. Strong Academy holds you accountable to consistent fitness schedule so you can feel your best both physically and mentally.

personal training

Remove the guesswork of finding a fitness routine.
Personal Training builds a fitness program around your goals so you can feel your healthiest self.


Unleash your inner athlete in this committed athletic training program. All Day Athlete improves your sprint mechanics, mobility and strength to enhance your athletic performance.


What's the difference between your programs?

Great question, we invite you to explore all of our program pages for full details but to summarize quickly: 

Strong Academy is our small group committed strength training program. It happens Virtually or at the ADF HQ.

The Online Hub offers LIVE Virtual classes with a flexible schedule, a variety of class styles and coaches, structured strength training programs, and lots of community energy, events, and support.

With Personal Training, you can work 1:1 with an All Day Fit coach to create a strength training program and plan that’s specific to you and your goals. 

All Day Athlete is our small group committed athletic performance program. It happens at Coronation Park in Toronto.

Which program is right for me?

That is a great question and we are here to help you determine that!

Give us a call at 647.952.9449 or email at to chat and talk through all the options and find what is right for you.

How many times per week do you recommend training?

We recommend training 3x/week.

Steps to a Stronger, More Energized, and Confident You!
ADF Evaluate

Chat with a team member to determine the right program.

ADF Enroll
Sign up for your program and schedule your sessions.
ADF Community
Engage with your trainer
and a community of like-minded people.

As Seen In

Client Love!

“Cassie and her team cultivate inclusivity, support, and community despite the challenges of online training and #zoomlife. The ADF team is the perfect mix of training expertise and fun humans. This space values YOU and YOUR BODY in all its glory. It is a place where you are welcome to take up space and learn to come home to yourself through movement and I am just so so grateful to be a member.”

Sophia Giaccone

“Coach Skylar changed the way I see and interact with my body. I’ve always been afraid of classes and joining a fitness community – but the support of ADF and Skylar opened my eyes that it isn’t as scary as I thought. Sky’s personalized fitness program has helped me achieve my goals faster than I thought possible. Proud to be part of ADF, it was long overdue.”

Gurbani Marwah

Diversity & Inclusion at All Day Fit

All Day Fit welcomes and celebrates every body. Humans of ALL ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, abilities, and sizes: we see you, we hear you, and we’re actively working to be better each day. Inclusion is at the core of who we are, however, we recognize that with immense privilege, we can ALWAYS be better. The All Day Fit brand was created to make health accessible to every body. Accessibility exists when people feel represented and understood. As part of our commitment, All Day Fit conducts quarterly seminars to gain a better understanding of our privilege, community, team, and the world in which we live. If you have any feedback or would like to learn more about our commitment, please feel welcomed to contact us at


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