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Community-based Strength Training

Where fitness is a celebration of what your body can do not what it looks like.

All Day Fit helps every body make fitness a consistent part of their life, by providing inclusive and intelligent fitness programs to help you feel stronger, energized and confident.

Without guidance fitness programs can be intimidating

Where do I start?

Will this help me reach my goals?

What equipment should I use?

Will people watch or judge me?

Am I doing the exercises right?

What will I do when I get to the gym?

All Day Athlete was the perfect program for a 35-year-old new dad looking to revive childhood dreams of being a pro athlete ? but in all seriousness this program was amazing! No matter what sport you play or how competitive it can get, this program will help you be faster, more explosive, and reduce injuries!! The attention to detail and guidance you get from the coaches is the best. Can’t wait to take this again!”

Jaffer Hussain

Most fitness programs are intimidating and unsustainable because they focus on appearance vs. how you feel. At All Day Fit, we provide structured programs focused on the internal and external aspects of fitness, so you experience the life-changing benefits of feeling stronger, more energized, and comfortable in your body.

Our Six Bricks

The foundation to being the happiest, healthiest, and strongest version of yourself.

We Train for Life

By building strong bodies in the gym, we also build strong lives outside of it. We believe in high-quality, functional training for the long haul. Our commitment to our training not only improves our health and longevity but our entire being.

We Nourish Ourselves
Food is the nourishment that supports our lives. We ditch the food fads and focus on well-rounded nutrition, mindfully choosing whole, colorful foods with variety. Above all, we dial into how food makes us feel by connecting to joy, our memories, and emotions.
We Rest and Recharge
We honor our bodies by giving them the rest and recovery they need. We prioritize sleep, monitor stress, and schedule rest, which keeps our cups filled and our energy in balance.
We Commit to Growth
We believe self-awareness and education have the power to transform lives. In setting goals, reflecting and celebrating the small wins along the way, we are constantly discovering who we are and what we need. The magic is in being fully present in the journey and our commitment to grow 1% better each day.
We Do The Deep Work
We take care of our mental and emotional wellbeing by looking inwards and getting curious about our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We allow ourselves to feel a full range of emotions, and make discoveries by asking “why.” In doing the work to tune in to our truest selves, we also show up fully in our relationships.
We Accept and Connect
Our community is the heartbeat of ADF. It’s a space where we can bring our WHOLE selves to, and be loved, respected, and encouraged to be precisely the people we are. We’re proud to be united by a vision of living a healthy, full life.

I participated in the Strong Academy as I was looking for some community, accountability, and variety in my workouts (I usually do hit training). I can confidently say Strong Academy VASTLY exceeded my expectations! I was worried about not being able to receive personalized feedback with the online format, but my coach, Jacq, delivered exceptionally on this! I finished the month learning so much about my body, correcting idiosyncrasies in my form, and feeling SO strong and so much more educated about strength training! I loved it and would HIGHLY recommend. I will definitely be doing it again!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Lysh Damp

Your All Day Fit Team









Client Love!
“Coach Skylar changed the way I see and interact with my body. I’ve always been afraid of classes and joining a fitness community – but the support of ADF and Skylar opened my eyes that it isn’t as scary as I thought. Sky’s personalized fitness program has helped me achieve my goals faster than I thought possible. Proud to be part of ADF, it was long overdue.”
Gurbani Marwah

Diversity & Inclusion at All Day Fit

All Day Fit welcomes and celebrates every body. Humans of ALL ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, abilities, and sizes: we see you, we hear you, and we’re actively working to be better each day. Inclusion is at the core of who we are, however, we recognize that with immense privilege, we can ALWAYS be better. The All Day Fit brand was created to make health accessible to every body. Accessibility exists when people feel represented and understood. As part of our commitment, All Day Fit conducts quarterly seminars to gain a better understanding of our privilege, community, team, and the world in which we live. If you have any feedback or would like to learn more about our commitment, please feel welcomed to contact us at