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Finding a fitness program that doesn’t focus on appearance seems impossible in a society that tells us to look a certain way. At All Day Fit, we believe that fitness is a celebration of what your body can do, not what it looks like. Our programs are a reflection of just that.

At All Day Fit, we offer structured strength training programs that fuels every aspect of your life.

Strong Academy

With a multitude of issues with my body, I was always deterred by the idea of strength training. However, Cassie and the All Day Fit team made everything incredibly accessible. The results have far exceeded anything I thought possible and holding a greater understanding of my body is incredibly empowering. The training I have received as a part of Strong Academy has been nothing short of life-changing.

Gabriella Nassief Borg

strong academy

Small-group committed strength training program

Holds you accountable to a consistent schedule

Bring awareness to your lifestyle habits (i.e. sleep, stress, nutrition)

Provides you with a team and coach who celebrate the process with you

All Day Athlete

All Day Fit will transform your body, mind, and soul. The trainers are highly knowledgeable and most importantly care about your overall well-being. The impressive characteristic of All Day Fit is the community they have built with their trainers and patrons. Community is something that I greatly value, and I’m excited to grow with the All Day Fit community moving forward.

Michael Shalaby

All Day Athlete logo

Athletic-conditioning committed program

Builds strength, power and agility and body awareness

Pushes you outside your comfort zone to help you unleash your inner athlete

Mimics the sports team environment you can’t find at the gym

Personal Training

Coach Skylar changed the way I see and interact with my body. I’ve always been afraid of classes and joining a fitness community – but the support of ADF and Skylar opened my eyes that it isn’t as scary as I thought. Sky’s personalized fitness program has helped me achieve my goals faster than I thought possible. Proud to be part of ADF, it was long overdue

Gurbani Marwah

personal training

Customized strength training program between you, your coach, and your goals

Designed and centred around your schedule and preferences

1:1 approach holds you accountable to your fitness routine

Takes the pressure off of coming up and sticking to a workout routine

online HUB

Cassie and her team cultivate inclusivity, support, and community despite the challenges of online training and #zoomlife. The ADF team is the perfect mix of training expertise and fun humans. This space values YOU and YOUR BODY in all its glory. It is a place where you are welcome to take up space and learn to come home to yourself through movement and I am just so so grateful to be a member.

Sophia Giaccone

The online Hub

Live online group strength training classes

Offered daily to fit with your schedule

Hands-on coaching from the comfort of your home

Surrounds you with like-minded individuals to keep you motivated

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