Many athletes are no stranger to injury. It seems obvious – intensive, high-contact sports are bound to give you a rolled ankle, right? Well, there are actually three other key reasons athletes are commonly injured – and they’re all highly preventable! Read below for 3 reasons why athletes get injured…

No.1 When athletes don’t strength train during off-season

When athletes neglect their training during the off-season, they are losing strength in key areas that are necessary for this sport. As a result, they are not prepping their body for their sports season. When their strength isn’t built, they’re more prone to injury. Master your basics – squats, lunge, push, pull, carries and rotational training.

No.2 When athletes don’t prioritize their warm ups

When we aren’t properly mobile, our joints and muscles cannot perform in the fullest range of motion. This puts extra strain on our body which makes it more susceptible to injury.

No.3 When athletes don’t prioritize their recovery

Sleep and nutrition are two of the most essential components of recovery that often get neglected by athletes. Your fitness performance is heavily influenced by your recovery routine. Muscles are weaker when nutrition and sleep aren’t optimized and as a result, injury is much more common.


The main takeaway… most injuries as an athlete can be prevented!

However, if you do have an injury, there are ways you can train around it! Head to ‘Training with Injuries’ for some helpful tips.


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No.1 Become a more powerful and intelligent athlete through strength training movements

No. 2 Improve athleticism through agility training and sprint mechanics

No. 3 Improve joint mobility and cardiovascular health