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Let’s be real, starting out a fitness journey isn’t straightforward. Dozens of questions may be going through your head: Where do I start? What do I do? How do I use the equipment? And so on!

Ideally, if you are starting out with the support of an educated coach who is invested in your health goals, the questions above will be answered immediately. However there are 4 key things you may not learn when you start training but are essential to the process. Read below to learn them!

Here are 4 things they don’t tell you when you start training.

NO. 1 Schedule rest days

Recovery is just as important to hitting your fitness goals as the actual workout. Without rest the body will never fully recover and you won’t be able to build new muscle or allow your body to adapt to the changes you’re making. Be sure to schedule rest days into your  workout routine to ensure your body is ready for your next workout.

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    NO. 2 Your warm up is the most important part

    Yes you will be sore after your first few workouts, but being sore and breaking a sweat are not required for a quality workout. Neglecting your warm up or just focusing on sweating buckets can put you at an increased risk for injury and prevent strength gains. The warm up mentally and physically prepares your body for the workout, helps reduce injury, and improves quality of movement.

    Check out Coach Cassie Day’s go-to Upper Body Mobility Sequence here!

    NO. 3 It won’t be consistent right away

    The hardest part is finding a routine that works for you. There is no one workout for everyone. You want to find a program that focuses on your strengths and weaknesses. It takes a process of elimination to determine how often, how long, and when you should be working out. Your routine cannot be consistent until you’ve gone through this process and determined what works best for you!

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    NO. 4 Progress is not linear

    There are many factors that affect progress. It isn’t just always increasing weight or reps. Factors like sleep, stress, nutrition, hydration, and hormones (for females) can all contribute to what progress looks like. Some days it may feel easier than others, or you can lift heavier, and some days the same exercise can feel more exhausting or challenging.

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