I’m no Gloria Vanderbuilt BUT I do believe in manners and being self aware. I have spent many hours in a gym in my day and believe these are the top 5 etiquette tips everyone should adhere to…also Cassie told me so 🙂

Be On Time: Respect the Warm Up
The warm up is a crucial step in the training process, and All Day Fit never advises skipping or not giving your warm up the love it deserves. The warm up mobilizes your muscles and joints and gets your heart rate pumping. It preps your mind and body for the kick ass workout ahead. 

If you are late, the warm up is often what is most affected. It is not fair to the warm up; it hurts its feelings and pride…try not to let the warm up down! 

Bring Your Energy
You get out of it what you put into it. If you haven’t noticed, Cassie is a high energy kinda human – and we love her for it. The energy Cassie and the All Day Fit team bring to every class is what sets us apart from the rest. We ask you to always bring your energy, for yourself and your team. 

Embrace the Ridiculousness
Our goal at All Day Fit is to be an inclusive space for you to laugh at yourself  and bust out those dance moves mid class (flossing is encouraged). We ask that every time you step in our space you leave judgement at the door and embrace our whacky and incredible community. We welcome all members regardless of shape, size, hair colour, sex, gender identity, physical ability, IQ, fashion sense and shoe size. We encourage you to embrace and relish in the ridiculousness, it is in this space that you will learn more about yourself and have a damn good time doing it. 

Sharing is Caring – Grab Only What You Need
No one likes an equipment hoarder! There is plenty to go around… and when there isn’t, do as your preschool teacher says and “share with your friends, maybe someone else would like a turn”. You never know, sharing a kettlebell with someone could lead to a beautiful friendship. 

Leave No Trace
Store your bag, jacket, boots, etc. (essential Canadian items) in the locker room. Put equipment away when you’re finished with it. Wipe down your area. Pick up any garbage you have. Your mom isn’t here (yet) to do it for you!  

We advocate that you “leave it better”. If you didn’t get a kettlebell out but notice it is sitting in the middle of the gym floor not being used, see this an opportunity to get an extra farmers carry in and put it away. 

If you stick with these 5 etiquette tips you are bound to get an A+ from the All Day Fit Fam.

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