Prescription for longevity

Exercise daily, eat nutritious food, sleep 8 hours a night, drink a lot of water, cultivate emotional closeness with friends, family and partners and have great sex often.

At All Day Fit we have touched on all of these elements except for sex. By now you know that when we discuss health, we aren’t just focused on training, we are looking at the big picture of health, happiness and longevity and this includes your sexual health.

Sexuality is a part of everyone’s life. All of our bodies have the potential to feel physical excitement and pleasure. Some people choose never to be sexually active, but most explore their sexual desires in some way, at some point in their lives. Having the freedom to choose how to express yourself sexually (or how not to), understanding your body and how it works and being comfortable with yourself and your sexual desires are all important part of sexual health.

RELATIONSHIPS: Cultivate emotional closeness

This can mean friends, family, a partner you’ve decided to spend your life with, etc. Our health, happiness and longevity rely heavily on them. Dozens of studies have shown that people who have social support, family, friends and community are happier, have fewer health problems and live longer.

RELATIONSHIPS WITH SEX: Sex builds intimacy with other humans

For the people in our life we get naked with, sex increases the intimacy in the relationship. For any relationship to be successful it’s important that the people involved are emotionally on the same page. Maybe it can’t fix everything but the oxytocin released during an orgasm generates a deeper bond. Studies show that having great sex is a great way to build that emotional intimacy as sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction are interconnected.

If things aren’t going well in the bedroom there’s a high chance they’re not going well in other areas of your relationship. 

What are other BENEFITS OF SEX you ask?

Need more exercise? 

Have sex, great for improved cardiovascular health. 

Getting common colds and fever? 

More sex increases the level of antibodies which fight against common cold.

High stress? 

Sex is a great effective stress reducer. 

Trouble falling asleep? 

Sex before bed will help. 

Low mood? 

Sex releases feel good and happy hormones! 

Healthy people tend to have a healthy sex life. A regular sex-life is a marker of a generally more manful, wellness-focused life. It is up to you to define what a regular sex life is for you. 

Get fast between those sheets! 

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