Do you know what progressive overload is? It is a very important concept that you must know to grow! 

You need to constantly be challenging yourself if you want to see changes in yourself. This goes for everything in life! ESPECIALLY in the gym. If you want to see results from your training then you must be challenging your muscles. 

We often hear people say that they’ve been following the same workout plan for years or they’ve haven’t changed their weight range in years, or even worse, they have no idea what weights they’ve been using. 

At All Day Fit we heavily enforce follow a program, writing down details about each workout (such as weights used) and changing programs routinely. The human body will not change unless it’s forced to, incomes PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD. Progressive overload is how you continue to change the size of your muscles, strength and endurance. 

If you are using a 16kg kettlebell for 10 goblet squats, overtime you’ll notice that your glutes are bigger and you feel strong. Overtime 10 squats at this weight will no longer be very challenging. So what’s next??

There are changes you can make. Remember you need to be constantly challenging yourself to see changes and improvement. If your goal is to continue to build your glutes and get stronger than you need to find new ways to challenge yourself. 

Using the squat example, here are a few ways to progressively overload that movement: 

  1. Increase the weight – try 20kg instead of 16kg.
  2. Increase the reps – jump your reps from 10 to 12. 
    • Once you’re hitting 12-15 reps easily we suggest you go back down in reps and increase your weight! 
  3. Increase the volume – volume is simply sets multiplied by reps multiplied by resistance. If you’ve been doing 2 sets, try adding a 3rd set. 
  4. Increase training frequency – increase the number of times you’re squatting each week.
  5. Decrease rest time between sets – reducing the amount of rest you take between sets allows you to do the same amount of work in less time!

As Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. Your muscles aren’t going to change if you don’t change your workouts.

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