Unlearning diet culture is hard AF.

For so many of us, these ideologies have been ingrained into our culture for our entire mental and physical development. However, unlearning diet culture is pivotal to finding food freedom, body neutrality, and overall self-compassion. Below, we’re debunking 4 nutrition myths.

No.1 There are good & bad foods.

MYTH! Food does not have morality. It is the same as labeling your diet: “good”, “bad”, “healthy” are all subjective terms that differ between individuals. Creating labels around food can cause guilt, can turn food into a reward, and can cause someone to limit or over-consume certain foods.

    No.2 Eat less = weigh less

    MYTH! Especially for women, not eating enough will actually put the body into a survival state. Without enough calories the body will begin to store fat in order to conserve energy. Too much of a caloric deficit will increase body fat.

    No.3 You need detoxes & cleanse.

    MYTH! The body is designed to detoxify itself. The liver is the body’s primary filtration system. There is no way for a well working body to detox better than it already is. The liver, skin, lungs, and intestines all contribute in removing toxins from the body.

    No.4 Carbohydrates are scary 

    MYTH! ON SO MANY LEVELS! Carbohydrates are essential for your body. Here are just a few of their benefits! Firstly, carbohydrates give you energy. Carbohydrates produce glucose, glucose converts to energy, and this energy is what your brain & muscles use for basic functioning. Your brain needs frequent replenishment of glucose, which is why it is important to incorporate carbohydrates into all of your meals! Another benefit of carbohydrates is that they help boost your mood. Carbohydrates contain vitamin B, which increases serotonin levels (a brain chemical that improves & stabilizes your mood).

    These myths only scrape the surface! The fitness industry also has a ton of myths out there perpetuated by diet culture. An important thing to keep in mind when surrounded by a ton of BS in these industries is to really tap into how foods and exercise make you feel. Your body knows what you need more than you think. Once you focus on your feelings versus how you look, you can see through a lot of the ideologies that are focused on your appearance (which come at the expense of your health).

    Do you need support with body shaming?

    Unfortunately, body shaming is extremely common, which is continuously perpetuated by media and diet culture. That doesn’t mean though, you have to live with it! All Day Fit is here to help you break the cycle of body shaming so you can move to a place of gratitude toward your body.

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