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It’s hard to really understand the impact nutrition has on your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Because, many of us from a very young age, have been fed (pun intended) a narrative of food that’s both scientifically false and emotionally damaging. And that sh*t is not easy to let go of… 



    Reflection question: how do you feel about carbohydrates? Think about it for a few seconds. 

    Do you think they’re “bad”, “unhealthy” or something to avoid? If yes, you’re one of many people, and I don’t judge you for feeling that way. Diet culture creates a fear in the foods that are actually important for your health. In fact, carbohydrates are one of the most important foods you can be eating for your cognitive functioning – and you need it regularly (like every meal and every snack to have an impact).  

    Your nutrition improves your quality of movement both for your current body and future one as well. Your physical longevity is extremely important: something that often gets neglected. How you nourish your body today can contribute to you being strong and healthy when you’re 80. Learn more about the 3 most important nutrients to fuel your body (and yes, carbohydrates are in there!), which improve and maintain the quality of your bones, muscles, heart, liver, brain etc.


    Reflection question: How do you feel about eating 3 meals and snacks each day? 

    Food, and particularly how often you eat, can heavily impact your mood, focus, energy, stress, happiness, and SO MUCH MORE. More importantly, it impacts how you show up for yourself and others each day all day. It affects your productivity at work, your social battery with friends, your desire to workout, your ability to sleep well, and so on. Food is fuel (among other things), and just like you put gas in the car, you put food in your body regularly to get you where you need to physically and emotionally. I encourage you to eat every 4 hours to prevent your body from going into starvation mode, which is where your body slows its metabolic process and prevents food from doing its magic like: boost your productivity, mood, gratitude, social battery, and motivation to workout, cook and care for yourself.


    The unfortunate reality of food is that most likely, each and every one of you have had a negative experience with food at some point in your life. And I’m not talking about food poisoning. I’m talking about deep emotional experiences. It can make a social event surrounded by new or nostalgic foods anxiety-inducing. Have you ever felt guilt after eating a big meal at a holiday or celebration event? Food has a beautiful way of connecting you to yourself and loved ones. It stimulates your sight, smell and taste senses, creating unique experiences, bonding activities, and memories. By tapping into that beauty, and leaning away from food guilt, you can start to allow food to hold a more joyous place in your life.

    My goal as someone who is passionate about helping you live stronger, happier, and healthier is to ensure that you are looking at food as an important piece to support this journey. Specifically, I want you to get curious about your current belief about food. Are the foods you eat regularly contributing to your body and brain health? Is the frequency and quantity of your food positively impacting your mental health and emotional stability? Are allowing food to be a medium in which you connect with both yourself and people around you? 

    Is this is something you’re currently struggling with, I see you, I’ve been there, and it’s not pleasant. Feel welcome to send me an email at or dm @cassiedayyy to chat about how we at All Day Fit can help you develop a mindset that contributes to you feeling your happiest, healthiest, and strongest version of yourself.

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