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You are the playmaker πŸ€ Don’t be afraid to change the game plan.

On Saturday February 25 we had the pleasure of hosting the team from Lady Ballers Camp for an EPIC workout and workshop!

Coaches @getjacqd_ and @curatedbycherise took the team through a full body training session designed specifically for young athletes πŸ’ͺ. The team then took part in a basketball themed workshop with @thegiveandgrow ! We learned how lessons from the game of basketball can help us challenge ourselves and look inwards at our own personal growth πŸͺ΄. We topped it off with designing our own @adidasca basketball planters 🎨

Lady Ballers Camp is an incredible organization, with the goal of providing girls a safe space to make friends, keep fit, and have fun. Learn more at the link here πŸ’œ

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