Whether you have been following All Day Fit for a while or are recently new to discovering us, one thing you will notice is that we HONE IN ON FORM. We talk about form, we educate on form and we insist on proper form in your workouts (whether it be in the gym or at-home). 

But why, you ask??

The answer is quite simple but often overlooked: If you are taking the time and investing the money to incorporate fitness into your life and it doesn’t include education and a focus on proper form, THERE IS NO POINT IN EVEN DOING IT. This may sound harsh, but let us explain why…

Improper form in your exercises can:

  1. Worsen or create injury/pain and,
  2. Prevent you from getting stronger and negatively impact your longevity.

No.1 Worsen or create injury and pain.

When you perform exercises with poor form you are putting yourself at high risk for injury and pain. 

Adding weight to movements without a proper foundation will engage unintended muscles resulting in imbalances and aches/pains. Imbalances decrease your mobility, which impacts joint alignment throughout the body and increases the likelihood of injury or chronic pain. If you take the time to learn the basics and understand how your body performs through each major movement you can then begin to add load. 

At All Day Fit, we want you training until your 90, not just for 90 days. To improve your quality of life and positively impact your longevity it is essential to prioritize form in your workouts. 

No.2 Prevent you from getting stronger.

You now know performing exercises with poor form hinders your mobility and can cause injury or pain, but it can also hinder your overall strength. Another thing that is crucial for your quality of life and longevity. 

Did you know that the fundamental exercises of strength training are designed to mimic functional human movement patterns that build strength in your everyday life? For instance, a hinge, or deadlift,  is the same movement pattern you perform when properly bending over to pick something up off the ground. However, only when you do this movement with proper form does it actually target the necessary muscles used to allow you to improve your quality of movement in everyday life.

How many times have you heard of or seen first hand someone strain their back or neck from bending over to pick up a heavy object? This is because they have not learned the proper form of the hinge, which has prevented them from building the strength to perform it properly in their everyday life. 

At All Day Fit, we want you to be able to pick something up, and do other foundational movements, with ease and strength. And to do that, it’s essential to prioritize form in your workouts. 

So, now that you understand the WHY it is so important to focus on proper form we want to show you HOW to do this. 

Watch these very helpful videos where Cassie Day, founder of All Day Fit, breaks down the foundational exercises. Check them out! 

An Effective Fitness Program Prioritizes Form.

Finding a fitness program that focuses on educating you on form can be difficult. However, it is key to training safely, efficiently and for the long-haul.

Are you looking for a fitness program that prioritizes form? All Day Fit’s programs not only get you strong efficiently, but safely as well. Click below to learn more or join today!