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Many of us use a new calendar year as a chance to reset. Better sleep patterns, more consistent workouts, home-cooked meals full of nutrients that make us feel good. But these can be challenging habits to keep up… especially when the momentum of “New Year New You” dies down heading into the spring season.


Not enough time, too expensive, feeling unmotivated or bored… the list goes on. I’ve related to each one of these, even as someone who’s worked in the industry for over a decade. My hope is to help people understand that keeping your workouts consistent is the glue that holds together the rest of your habits.

When you have a workout you’ve paid for and you’re expected to show up, you also have a bedtime you are more inclined to hit. You want to fuel your body with nutrients that will help you build muscle and provide energy for your workout. Your social battery increases, your work productivity boosts, and your general confidence and happiness are impacted. When I say fitness impacts every aspect of your life, I mean it wholeheartedly. 

If you’re stuck in a cycle of stop-and-go, you’re not alone. Consistency is hands down the biggest struggle we see clients face. I’m challenging you to rethink your perception of fitness. Incorporating it into your life for the long-haul – seeing it as a habit like brushing your teeth – will build your workouts into a truly unbreakable routine.

You’re probably thinking, “the fck Cassie, you make it sound so easy AND IT’S NOT”. Trust me, I know it’s challenging. Especially when the majority of the fitness market offers random drop-in workouts without a program and goals attached to it and little to no personalization. How the hell can you stay accountable to that? That’s why joining a program, where you’re training with purpose, in a timeline that helps you reach those goals, and with a coach who knows your name, health background, and fitness experience IS SO IMPORTANT. 

Consistency is where you’re going to feel results. All Day Fit’s programming was based on this fact. You train with us 2-3x a week, for 12 weeks (and hopefully beyond), in a program that’s personalized to your goals and background. No more stop and go. You train for the long-haul and reap the benefits in every other aspect of your life. 

Does this resonate with you? I would love to show you the magic of training with All Day Fit. Click below to get connected. 

    Transform Your Fitness Journey with All Day Fit

    Finding a fitness program that focuses on inclusive and intelligent training can be difficult. Yet it is the key to training efficiently and effectively for the long-haul!

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