In the spirit of connecting and sharing the LOVE we are launching…

Bring Your Friend to Train – ALL MONTH LONG! 

You read that right, you can bring a friend to train with you! Every class you have the opportunity to bring a different friend to train with you. Share with a friend across the country, that you haven’t seen in a while, that is in need of some motivation, that has been nervous to try before, that is new to fitness, that is an avid athlete…you know they will have a great experience. 

This is 1 hour to connect through movement. 

How Does It Work?

Online Hub 

  1. You can bring 1 friend to every class. 
  2. Your friends must be new to All Day Fit. 
  3. Friends can be your guest ONCE.
  4. Your friends do not need to have equipment, we can adapt for them. 
  5. With their guest pass they will receive 3 additional opportunities to come back and join you. 
  6. If after their 4 classes training with you they want to purchase a 30 Day pass, you will both receive 25% off! 
  7. Coaches and community will give your friends the BIGGEST and WARMEST All Day Fit welcome 

Virtual Personal Training 

  1. You can bring 1 friend to every workout. 
  2. You friends must be new to All Day Fit.
  3. Friends can be your guest ONCE.
  4. Your friends do not need to have equipment, please give your coach a heads up with what equipment your friends have.
  5. Following their session with you, your friend can try 3 classes in the Hub or further their journey through Personal or Remote Training.

How Do I Sign My Friends Up?

Online Hub

  1. Text us at 647-952-9449 and tell us your friend’s name, contact info and what class you want to do together.
  2. We will text your friend a link to create an account.
  3. We will add 4 classes to your friend’s account and enroll them in the first class they are attending with you. 
  4. Your friend will enroll in their remaining 3 classes. They have 2 weeks to use them! 
  5. In your friend’s first class you will introduce them and we will cheer and show them the All Day Fit community love. 

Virtual Personal Training 

  1. Talk to your coach about what friends you want to bring and which workouts would be best.
  2. Text us at 647-952-9449 and tell us your friend’s name, contact info and what workout they are joining.
  3. Your coach will send your friend the Zoom link for the workout.
  4. Following the workout, we will chat with your friend about what they would like to do next.

Frequently Asked Friend – tions

Do my friend and I have to do every class together?

No. We ask that you be there with your friend for their first class in the Online Hub, but after that, your friend will have 2 weeks to use their remaining 3 passes. They can schedule whatever classes they would like. 

What if my friend doesn’t have equipment? 

Not to worry! We will be prepared to modify with bodyweight or heavy household items. 

My friend is really nervous, what should I tell them? 

You should tell them that you were once nervous too but there is nothing to worry about. You know the coaches are great at offering modifications and answering questions and the community is BEYOND WELCOMING AND SUPPORTIVE. If your friend needs to take breaks throughout the workout, we totally understand support doing what feels best for their body. 

My friend is a beginner, is this ok? 

Totally! Everyone was a beginner at some point. You can always let us or the coach know before the class, so we are extra prepared. 

My friend can only do the recordings, how does it work?

Nothing beats the live experience for your first class. We’ll reach out to your friend and find a solution.

Do you have a friend in mind? Text Joe at 647.952.9449 to get them started!