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You hear us talking a lot about the benefits of being physically active: increased bone density, reduced risk of injury, better mental health, it goes on and on! 

Now let’s chat on the actual ways in which you can become more physically active!

NO. 1 Walk It Out

Make walking, or other low-impact outdoor movements, a DAILY habit. Walking helps increase blood flow and circulation to your brain and body. My favourite thing about going out for a walk is that it allows me to connect with nature, get some sunlight on my face and breathe in the fresh air! If you could only pick one physical activity to do for the rest of your life, this would be it… the benefits are HUGE and the effort is low! But it needs to happen frequently! Read about the countless benefits of walking here.

    NO. 2 Join a Strength Community

    It can be intimidating to start strength training, trust me I’ve been there! Joining an inclusive community with intelligent programming to meet your fitness goals will help you feel stronger, confident and energized. Plus you’ll get a whole new group of friends that love lifting as much as you do! Community is the heartbeat of All Day Fit. If you’re looking to make fast friends while getting strong, join our small group personal training program, Strong Academy!

    NO. 3 Explore Movement

    Is there a specific movement (whether it be low impact, a sport, or more) that FEELS good? For me, it would be running! I started running as a form of physical fitness but mostly because I found it did wonders for my mental health. I noticed after I ran I felt a sense of calm, I was connected to my thoughts and very proud of my effort. And at the same time, my body was feeling more powerful than ever before. I’m not saying you have to run, but there is a form of movement out there that you can ENJOY! Strength training, walking, biking, hiking, kayaking, cycling, joining a sports team, the opportunities are endless!


    If you’re looking for the best solution, something guaranteed to make your day better no matter what, find an exercise program that you enjoy. Not only will moving your body feel amazing, but finding a community to lean on makes it that much easier. Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.


    Reflection question for you all: What’s your favourite way to move your body? 

    Transform Your Fitness Journey with All Day Fit

    Finding a fitness program that focuses on inclusive and intelligent training can be difficult. However, it is key to training safely, efficiently and for the long-haul.

    All Day Fit’s programs not only get you strong efficiently, but safely as well. Click below to learn more or join today!