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2020 was the year of bewilderment.

2021 was the year of resilience. 

2022 was the year of recovery. 

With the pandemic somewhat in the rearview mirror, we turned the corner into 2022 with our heads held high and excited for the year ahead. 

Society was ready to head back to in-gym training, work from the office a few times a week, attend social events, take trips and more. We were ready and itching to recover from the last two years, to get back on track with “normal” life and routines. 

Inside All Day Fit, we were preparing for a year of recovery, growth and community. All things near and dear to our hearts, and that we had been longing for during the pandemic years. 

In reflecting on 2022, it is incredible to see what we accomplished as a community and how far we have come. To commemorate the end of a stellar year we put together the TOP 5 MOMENTS that made it so special…

Top 5 Overall Company Moments

  1. We were able to go back to the gym and train together!  
  2. All Day Athlete came back for its 3rd season! 
  3. Coach Sarah officially joined the All Day Fit team as a full time trainer! 
  4. Len created a brand new outdoor summer series, Saturday Swings. And Jacq created our first ever run club, Run All Day (RAD)
  5. Cassie & Jahmeek were on Amazing Race Canada! It was SO MUCH FUN to watch them and the other racers compete all summer. 

Top 5 Strong Academy Moments

  1. We returned to all four of our 12 week seasons both In-Gym & Virtually! This is the first time we have been able to complete our seasons since 2019!
  2. There are 9 Virtual teammates that have been training together for all of 2021 and 2022! Way to go Jess, Elyse, Adria, Heather, Kaplana, Petra, Jane, Ayana and Fiona! 
  3. There are 6 In-Gym teammates that have committed to completing 1 FULL YEAR of Strong Academy sessions! Pumped for you Brit, Remy, Meghan, Sindhu, Priyanka and Pam! 
  4. Coach Slopes joined the Strong Academy coaching team with our first ever evening Strong Academy Virtual! 

Top 5 Personal Training Moments

  1. We welcomed 52 Personal Training Clients to All Day Fit! 
  2. The Coaches are supporting 10 pregnant mamas through their pre & post natal journey! 
  3. 10 Strong Academy members have dedicated time in Personal Training sessions to improve their form, help hit their goals and get extra support in their lifestyle habits! 
  4. There has been one PT client that set the record for the most amount of sessions at All Day Fit ever – congrats JOHN on your 750+ sessions. 
  5. With your coach you reflected on your progress each month to create personalized programs that fit your goals!

Top 5 All Day Athlete Moments

  1. Cassie officially joined Jahmeek as a co-coach of the program! 
  2. We welcomed back 11 teammates and 10 new teammates 
  3. Jahmeek rolled out a brand new program that focused power and speed development, agility, coordination and reactive training!
  4. Every teammate improved their sprint time during the season, many setting their fastest times! 
  5. You impressed the Coronation Park staff every Tuesday & Thursday morning with the energy and lively team spirit…leave it to Jahmeek to get the team GOING at 7:30 AM

Top 5 Community Moments

  1. We welcomed 102 people in the ADF community! Some new to All Day Fit and some back after the pandemic 
  2. We finally had in-person community events!! 
  • You got donuts and walked along the art exhibits at Woodbine Beach (in the freezing cold!) 
  • The Perfect Pair: Pleasure & Fitness with Dr. Jess
  • Kicked off running season with Chase the Night 
  • The Evive Food Truck visited us at Strong Academy & RAD
  • You walked to get ice cream in June 
  • We had TWO Community park nights with pizza & games 
  • You watched Cassie & Jahmeek compete on Amazing Race Canada weekly plus an opening night BANG!
  • Our first ever All Star Club in person event! 
  • You tried ice baths at Othership 

3. We welcomed 8 new babies into the ADF Community! We can’t wait to train with you Lukas, Luna, Georgia, Ellis, Wes, Charlotte, Harper and Dalia!

4. 102 Community members received an All Star Club award this year!

5. Many many many laughs, smiles, convos, words of encouragement and celebrations between community members! 

Top 5 ADF Team Moments

  1. We prioritized growing in our craft: 
  • All of the coaches took the Certified Functional Strength Coach course
  • Jacq completed her SFG (kettlebell) certification 
  • Cassie & Jahmeek attended EXOS, one of the best training gyms in North America…and they are teaching us everything they learned! 
  • We learned from Dr. Ricky about shoulder and foot health 
  • We took a course on communication skills 
  • The team traveled to Boston for a Fitness Conference 

2. Cassie, Cherise & Slopes were all featured in magazines this year! SOOO COOL

3. Coach Len started a give back program with Saturday Swings and raised a total of $2,840 for the Toronto Humane Society, The Walk to Conquer Cancer and the Native Canadian Center Toronto

4. We partnered with the Heart & Stroke Foundation to provide strength training sessions to the thousands of Ride for Heart riders across Canada!

5. We traveled to Kingston to attend Babs & John’s wedding…and Elizabeth was a member of the Wedding party!

Now it is your turn! What are your Top 5 All Day Fit moments of 2022? We would love for you to share WHERE? 


Here’s to a year of GROWTH in 2023! 


All Day Fit