Something I’ve quickly realized is being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being productive. As entrepreneurs we only have so much energy and time, so being productive is crucial. We need to get a lot of shit done in a short amount of time. Below are the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past year while trying to run two start-up companies. 

  1. Stop multitasking. Start ONE task and completely finish it before beginning the next. Trying to do 10 things at once just doesn’t work. You’ll get things done more effectively and efficiently by focusing on one task at a time.
  2. Schedule a start and stop time for each task. We all work more efficiently with timelines. As an entrepreneur you don’t always have timelines but you do always have things to do. This has been huge for me with tackling emails. I schedule my emails from 9:30-11:30am, if not I would be answering peoples questions for more than 1/3 of my day. If I don’t get to it during that time it becomes the following days task. 
  3. Write one goal down then work backwards. Everyday do “something specific” towards this goal. Put it somewhere you can constantly be reminded of it like on your laptop case or bedroom wall.
  4. Remove distractions. (Emails, phone calls and social media for me). Multitasking often means our heads are spinning in circles without us even realizing it. Which builds stress and when we’re stressed we can’t focus properly. Put those cell phones on silent while you’re trying to work!
  5. Do the things you hate earlier in the day. We lose battery power like cell phones throughout the day, so get your unpleasant tasks over with first. You will feel SO good when you finish something you didn’t want to do. So choose the task you like least and get it out of the way!
  6. SLEEP. Lack of sleep causes stress, stress decreases your focus causing you more stress. (Vicious cycle). 7-8 hours a night whether you think you need it or not!
  7. EAT and EXERCISE – get rid of “brain fog”. Exercise builds up growth hormones in our brains. 15 minutes of exercise makes you 20% more productive. Exercise for the brain!
  8. Have a daily and weekly planner. What are you going to do when? Don’t forget those start and stop timelines like we chatted about in #2. As well as personal time!
  9. Stay away from energy vampires. Those are people who suck the energy out of you, negative people or people that waste your time. Don’t let them take away your happiness or decrease your productivity. Cut them!
  10. Delegate and enjoy. Take care of your strengths and assign your weaknesses. You can’t do it all and your time is more valuable than your money.

Lead from the front. Trust your path. Lace up your own shoes, and wear them proudly!

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