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 Many of you were taught about the importance of your wellness from a young age, specifically as it relates to movement and nutrition. However there are other elements of wellness outside your physical health. There is the aspect of living life fully and finding joy which goes beyond your self-care.

One of our fave questions to ask clients before a training session is: are currently surviving, vibing or thriving? Your intentions, choices, and actions can lead you toward an optimal state of well-being so that instead of surviving, you’re thriving, consistently. 



    • Understanding, respecting and managing your feelings, values, and attitudes as well as others
    • Feeling positive and enthusiastic about your life

    Suggested areas of improvement: practice mindfulness, stay connected with loved ones, establish boundaries.


    • Understanding how your social, natural, and built environments affect your health and well-being
    • Being aware affects your daily habits on the physical environment

    Suggested areas to improve: get more nature in your life, limit your screen time, use eco-friendly and recycled materials in your home.


    • Managing your resources to live within your means and preparing for short-term and long-term needs or emergencies
    • Being aware that everyone’s financial values, needs, and circumstances are unique

    Suggested areas to improve:  Recognize your net-worth doesn’t define your self worth, set financial budget, work with a financial planner


    • Encompassing a growth mindset: maintain curiosity, value learning, and respond positively to intellectual challenges

    Suggested areas to improve: time management, remove objectivity, engage in hobbies or activities that use critical thinking (reading)


    • The ability to get fulfillment from your job or career while maintaining balance in your life

    Suggested areas to improve: Check in on how you feel before, during, and after work. What type of work brings you the most gratification? 


    • Engaging and creating routine in healthy habits like: movement, sleep, hygiene, hydration, nutrition, and stress levels

    Suggested areas to improve: strength train 2-3x a week, get 15+ minutes of daily low impact outdoor movement (i.e. walking), sleep 7-8 hours consistently, fuel your body with carbohydrates, protein and fats

    7. SOCIAL

    • Maintain and develop healthy relationships
    • Caring about others and letting others care about you
    • Contributing to your community

    Suggested areas to improve: maintain communication with your friends and family, join a community to empower you and meet new people (Pssst… All Day Fit would love to have you!)


    • Finding purpose, value, and meaning in your life
    • Participating in activities that are consistent with your beliefs and values

    Suggested areas of improvement: Here’s your gentle nudge to do create or check-in with your list of life values… this week!


    For instance, when you experience anxiety (emotional), this can lead you to skip your workout (physical), which can cause high stress at work (occupational) and for you to become disorganized (environmental); you may then start to break your regular nutrition habits (physical) and lose connection with your friends and family (social).  It’s important to be proactive and tune into your different wellness buckets, and learn how to take action to build wellness-affirming habits, routines, coping strategies, values, and awareness. 

    Take this moment to do a quick scan of your wellness. Which pillar do you excel at? Which one has opportunity? Which pillar do you want to focus on in the next few months?

    Wellness is dynamic. It’s constantly changing and fluctuating. It’s a personalized way of approaching your lifestyle and goals to reach your best potential. It’s not about perfection. It’s about focusing on becoming 1% better each day, living life fully and finding joy. If you’re looking for support in your 8 dimensions of wellness, consider joining the All Day Fit community. We take a 360 approach to your health, knowing each wellness pillar impact each other.  Click below to learn more!


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