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Warning: You Will Become Stronger, Faster & More Powerful

Spend your mornings in an environment that helps you achieve more than you would if you were training solo. All Day Athlete provides you with power and speed development, agility training, and technical tools to improve your overall sports performance. 

This Program Is Perfect For You If…

You are looking for structure, coaching and collective uplifting energy.

You want to improve your cardio output, learn sprint mechanics and GET FAST.

You currently strength train but are ready to reach your highest level of training on the field.

You want to be PUSHED for ONE MORE REP.

You want to build athleticism (coordination, agility, balance, body awareness, etc.)

You value fun - get ready to feel like a kid again!

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What to Expect

Periodization programming

Power and speed development

High intensity training

Acceleration, deceleration, and multi-directional speed development

Reactive training

Rotational training

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Client Love!

“All Day Fit will transform your body, mind, and soul. The trainers are highly knowledgeable and most importantly care about your overall well-being. The impressive characteristic of All Day Fit is the community they have built with their trainers and patrons. Community is something that I greatly value, and I’m excited to grow with the All Day Fit community moving forward.”

Michael Shalaby

All Day Athlete Questions
What do I need to bring to each session?

We provide all the equipment, however, we highly recommend you bring cleats, a mat, and a water bottle.

Who is this program for?

All Day Athlete is for anyone looking to become stronger, faster and more powerful in a sports team environment. You do not have to be an athlete to join the program! 

What level is it All Day Athlete?

All Day Athlete is designed to be supplemental work between your strength training sessions. We do require that you have been strength training over the last 3 months to prevent injury when hitting the field. If you are currently injured, we encourage you to join Strong Academy or Personal Training over the Summer with us and join our Fall Season of All Day Athlete.

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