I remember my first day as a trainer like it was yesterday…The cardio room was PACKED with 100% females and the weight room was packed with 100% MALES. 🤯 As someone who’s played hockey my entire life, I know what it feels like to be in a male dominant sport. I grew up in a small town where my only option was to play with the boys. As a leader in the fitness industry this is something I’ve actively worked towards changing in the past 6 years. 🏆

Women tend to gear towards cardio machines and light weights because:

  1. Missing education on how to lift properly 
  2. Lack of confidence to take up space in a room of males (typical weight rooms)
  3. The internet tells us lies…

❌ Prolonged periods of cardio is the most optimal way to lose weight

❌ If we want to “tone up” we should lift light weights, for high reps

❌ Heavy weights will make us bulky

❌ We should all look and be smaller

I lift weights 3-5x per week. Depending on my schedule and how my body feels dictates the exact number. Personally, my mental health feels optimal at 4x a week. I haven’t personally stepped on a cardio machine for years. When I launched All Day Fit, the goal was to create a space where everyone felt at home and empowered to LIFT HEAVY..mission = successful.

If you’re not confident with your form, find a coach who can teach you. A coach can help you make sure you’re performing the proper progression for each exercise and help you focus on quality movement to build a foundation of strength to work towards for the long haul.

Once you gain confidence in your ability you can start increasing the weight. The majority of time I work in rep ranges 6-12 at my MAXIMAL LEVEL OF INTENSITY. What does this mean? You can’t row 25lb dumbbells for 12 reps and expect results if you are actually capable of lifting 40lb dumbbells for the same amount of reps. Knowing the weights you should be using is IMPORTANT. This is why at All Day Fit we track of weights/reps/sets so that we can continuously be seeing progress which leads to results.

My advice: find support (a fitness community near you! 🤗), start slow, master your movements, challenge yourself appropriately and celebrate your progress. 👊 YOU GOT THIS! 💥

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