Day 1: A taxi, a flight and a bus between Toronto and our New Year’s Eve getaway. The frosted mountains, freshest air and cobblestone streets, Whistler truly is beautiful. We arrived Friday evening and went straight for the hill! We kicked off the weekend with a night snowmobile ride through the mountains …and blizzard. THANKFULLY I came fully equipped with a face and neck mask because I honestly don’t know how the other three survived. For those of you who read my recent Instagram post you know snowmobiling hits a place close to home for me so I can honestly say this was the highlight for me!

Day 2: Best part about the blizzard meant FRESH POWDER. 6:30am wake up call, which was SO easy with the time change.. I think it was 4:04am when I started staring at the clock.

7:30am we headed for the rental lodge, got full equipped and got in line for the first lift of the day. I’ve never experienced a day on the hill like this in ten years of boarding. The temperature was just below zero (the only way I’ll go lol), the snow was perfect and the skies were blue.. the first blue skies they’ve had in 2 months.. unreal, RIGHT?

This was Jahmeek’s 3rd time ever snowboarding.. lol so evidently we took him right to the top. Honestly, this boy is one of a kind.. falls 506 times gets up 507. ONE of his falls and I would have been off the hill for the day.. sometimes he would do 3 summersaults before stopping (my body hurts just writing this). But as Jahmeek would say every morning “Let’s go be great!”.


Next stop, A PRIVATE HELICOPTER TOUR. I know. This day is definitely in my top ten days of traveling ever. First ones on a fresh hill after 31cm of snow followed by a private helicopter glacier tour.

Check out Blackcomb Helicopter Tours if you’re interested in this experience. I HIGHLY recommend it! Canada is so beautiful especially from the sky.

Apres-ski spot to check out: Longhorn Saloon 

Day 3: hit the slopes for a second early morning and finished it off a the Scandinave Spa.

SO no one told me this was going to be a silent and no cellphone spa.. so you can imagine with my big mouth how well this went LOL. Jokes aside.. silence is a source of great strength and it was a great evening to tune in to the peaceful and natural environment.

From the cold plunge to the wood burning sauna, to the hot tubs, steam room and eucalyptus steam bath. Ending with a nap by the fire places sprawled out in the yoga room. No hashtags, just stillness, leading to complete relaxation.

Day 4: Our last day to explore the village, tube the Coca-Cola Park and pack for home.

Two days on the hill, snowmobiling, a helicopter tour, tubing, the spa.. talk about an adventure packed weekend. Shoutout to Adidas Canada for this incredible experience and Jahmeek, Laura and Grant for the great trip! Whistler’s authenticity and welcoming spirit makes it the a perfect spot to spend your holidays. I came home feeling rejuvenated and motivated! 2017 was GREAT to me.


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