Connect A to B. Corkscrew those jars. Split the floor. Engage your lats. Break the bar. 

We certainly do love our cues at All Day Fit. Once you learn them all you will begin to understand our language and be able to feel these cues on your own body. 

Whether a seasoned vet or new to the All Day Fit community it is smart practice to review these cues before a training session. Knowing the cues will help improve your form, minimize pain and increase your lifts.

Check them out below and let us know if you have any questions! 



FEET - Corkscrew the floor
HINGE - Push butt back/ Break at hips
LATS - Break handle in two/ Slack out of bar
PUSH DOWN - Stand tall


FEET- Drive away
BRACE- Tension in glutes
LATS- Pin shoulder blades
PUSH- Drive away
PULL- Tension back down


FEET- Hip width, toes fwd.
BRACE- Full body tension
LATS- Shoulders back & down
DRIVE- Elbows back to pockets
CONTROL- Tension back down


FEET - Corkscrew the floor
LATS - Shoulders back & down
PULL DOWN - Sit back as if sitting on a chair
PUSH AWAY - Stand tall

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