Strength is your ability to move a load (weight) for a certain number of reps. When you’re focusing on strength, the number of reps is generally low (approximately 6 or less, although that’s not a hard cutoff!) 

We work in lots of rep ranges at All Day Fit, and all of them are important and functional. Different rep ranges challenge and train different systems in your body. For example, higher rep ranges train your aerobic capacity more than lower rep ranges. 

Strength requires your BRAIN to create a strong connection to your MUSCLES. When lifting very heavy loads, there is a massive neurological component. If you’ve ever felt like your brain is tired after a big lift, even if you’re not out of breath or feeling intense muscle fatigue, this is why! (If you’ve been strength training for a long time, you’ll be able to relate to this more than if you’re newer. If this doesn’t make sense to you… it will eventually!)

During strength training, we don’t lift to “failure,” but we want to make sure our lifts are challenging enough to stimulate change. One way to know if you’re ready to increase your weight or apply another type of progressive overload is to ask yourself, “Could I have done at least two more quality reps?” If the answer is yes, it might be time to change something!

Gaining strength requires you to REST in between sets. It requires you to slow down, think, and move well. You’ll see strength improvements much faster if you allow your body the rest it needs and don’t rush in between your sets.

What does strength mean to you? How does it show up in your life? 

All Day Fit we teach and advocate functional strength training in our weekly Move Strong classes and in our signature 12-week program, Strong Academy. Looking for more personalized training? Check out our Personal Training program and coaches.

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