In our Strong Academy and Personal Training programs, our members track 4-6 different daily habits they would like to pay attention to, one of those is nutrition! We observe these 4-6 habits on a 4 point breakdown.

The 4 point breakdown:

1 – if you are satisfied with your breakfast

1 – if you are satisfied with your lunch

1 – if you are satisfied with your dinner

1 – if you are satisfied with your snacks

That means if you gave yourself a 4/4, you would feel satisfied with each of your meals highlighted above. If you gave yourself a 1/4, 2/4, or 3/4 that means you weren’t fully satisfied with all meals from your previous day.

We want to highlight that “satisfied” looks different for EVERYONE and can mean different things. If you’re craving a cookie and eat one, but feel satisfied, you may feel like you honoured your body and give yourself a 4/4.  Nutrition is a very personal journey and reflects everyone’s unique needs.

With breakfast being the first meal of the day, it is a great opportunity to start the day by fueling your body with foods that make it feel energized and good. Keep reading for a few more tips:

Water Before Coffee

  • Try drinking a glass of water BEFORE you have your coffee. How do you feel?
  • By drinking water first thing, we’re hydrating our body after a long period (sleep) without it.
  • You may even find that you disregard that second cup of coffee that you only have out of cultural habit!

Let’s talk breakfast

(note this will look different for everyone) 

We like to focus on including these 5 elements on the plate

  • Protein of choice
  • Healthy Fats of choice
  • Carbohydrates of choice
  • Greens of choice
  • COLOUR! 

Let’s Talk Carbs

  • The work “carbs” has a really “bad rep” today because of diet culture. Instead of using the word carb, use the word carbohydrate. This might help to improve your relationship with them.

Why do we need carbohydrates?

  • Energy: carbohydrates are a major source of FUEL for our body
  • Nutrients found in whole grains include essential fatty acids, the B Vitamins, Folate, Vitamin E, Zinc and Magnesium
  • Fibre can help with digestion and prevent constipation
  • Phytonutrients (compounds that form a plants immune system. They help prevent disease in humans when eaten)
  • The list goes on…

All in all, carbohydrates should be a part of a healthy diet, even if your goal is to lose weight.

We hope learning more about nutrition and food satisfaction was helpful! Be sure to read our other nutrition posts, including feeling a connection towards food.

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