Pads. Tampons. Diva Cups. Birth Control. Cycle Tracking.

How is a girl to know what to do!?

A few years ago, Cassie shared her story of losing her period for nearly 4 years. In doing this, she quickly learned that she wasn’t alone, so many others were experiencing similar situations.

Cassie was in search of answers and education. So, she did what she always does best, opened the doors to conversation. We looped in our favourite ND, Dr. Emily and hosted two workshops and open conversations about PERIODS.

Some of the biggest takeaways were:

  1. How nutrition, workouts, stress and sleep can affect your cycle
  2. Our cycle is our 5th vital sign
  3. Loose stool around your cycle is a sign of magnesium deficiencies
  4. Eating carbohydrates are key for your hormones and cycle
  5. When the doctor asks if your cervical mucus is like egg whites.. they don’t mean the thickness or colour, they mean the stretchiness (MIND BLOWN)
  6. Tracking your cycle is important and should be done by every woman. Pay attention when it happens, how you feel, what is looks like, what your energy level is, how creative your feel and what your appetite is like!
  7. Try the @thedivacup and cut down on single use plastic…everyone that uses say it is THE BOMB DOT COM

 We are going to leave you with the same question Dr.Emily left us to reflect on “Society & the media tells me that my period is…………”. What first comes to mind for you?

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