Low impact outdoor movement, such as walking, is one of the most underrated forms of exercises out there! In fact walking can sharpen your workouts by improving blood circulation, strengthening muscles, and improving recovery time. 

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But, did you know there are also things you can do in your workouts to sharpen your walks?

We’re going to break down 3 ways that help improve your walking quality. You may be thinking… improve walking quality? That sounds silly. Well, it’s not! As we age, walking can become increasingly difficult or painful. 

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Walking with strong and proper form (because there IS such a thing as poor form in walking), will promote physical longevity and pain-free movement in your walks. Read below to learn 3 important ways to improve your walking technique.

No. 1 Strengthen Your Core

A strong core promotes good posture, reduces low back pain and improves your stability. Stability helps you balance while walking as you’re transferring your weight from one foot onto another.

Check out Coach Sky’s  go-to 10 minute core finisher here!

No. 2 Increase Your Hip Mobility

Having mobile hips allows you to walk in a full range of motion. Hip mobility exercises improve the flexibility in your hip joints and muscles which prevents the tight or restricted feeling you may experience while walking.

Coach Cassie is going to break down a banded hip mobility series. This one feels so good!!

No. 3 Improve Your Posture

At All Day Fit, we love any movement (whether it’s mobility, activation or a strength exercise) that opens up your chest to correct your posture. One in particular you’ll see in ADF’s programming is a band pull-apart. This exercise strengthens your lats, core, and shoulders all while opening up the chest muscles. This helps correct your posture to get you standing up tall for your walks and in life!

Watch Coach Jacq do a band pull-apart. Add this movement to your workouts or pre-walk routine!

Transform Your Fitness Journey with All Day Fit

Finding a fitness program that focuses on inclusive and intelligent training can be difficult. However, it is key to training safely, efficiently and for the long-haul.

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