There’s nothing more empowering than picking up heavy shit off the ground.  When executed with clean form and with enough weight deadlifts can be exciting! Especially if we’re doing the variation that’s best suited for our bodies (and even personalities).

It’s a MINDFUL practice – to make sure everything is in line during set up, to breathe in to brace, and to execute – always trying to perform each rep the exact same way.

It’s also a great way to get STRONG.  And there are many ways you can do it.  Here is a list of my favourite variations of a deadlift based on your body type or preference:

For the Peaceful Warrior: TRAP BAR DEADLIFT

You are the type that is willing to lift some heavy weight, but with the least amount of risk possible.  With the bar centered around your body, there is a certain fierce, yet calm, toughness when you lift a good amount of weight.

For the Wrestler: SUMO DEADLIFT

Step up to that barbell with your widest, yet strongest stance.  Leverage your body composition and with a chest that is just upright enough, you lift weight that is definitely going to intimidate the opponent (that being the barbell of course).  Make sure your hips are mobile, because the barbell WILL fight back.


You like balance, grace, and move to a rhythm so smoothly the muscles on your body dance.  Literally. You feel your balancing and hip extensor muscles working and you thrive off of this.  Spectators shouldn’t be fooled by the beauty, because these require attentive control and strength.


You like to be the star of the show.  All. Eyes. On. Me. Standing tall, chest proud, grind that barbell up with your heart out.  Although my favourite variation, keep in mind: if you have back pain this may be more risky than beneficial.  So, unless you’re going on the runway (doing this for sport or variety), can you be a Peaceful Warrior? Wrestler? Ballerina?

I hope you find the deadlift variation that’s best suited for you.  And if you already have one that your heart is set on, maybe mix it up once in a while for variety and adaptation into a different persona.

Just remember every time: to get your head in the game, set up, breathe to brace, and pull that weight UP!

Happy Lifting,


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