Throughout the pasts 7 months, the All Day Fit team has built 4 – week, full-body training programs for our at-home training community (aka The Online Hub!). We were surprised to find an incredible amount of opportunities with our at-home training movements.

Here are a few Row variations for you to try!

Looking for tips on how to make your exercises more challenging while we’re training at home? 

  1. Create an internal load! Reach your opposite arm, squeeze your butt, make a fist, pull your toes towards your body, brace your core.
  2. Change your angles – add inclines or declines.
  3. Increase or decrease the range of motion.
  4. Add TEMPOs – sloooooow it down.
  5. Add ISOs – a pause at the bottom of your squat, lunge, push-ups, etc.

Are you someone that enjoys personalized programming and 1:1 coach support? Did you know we offer 4-week 1:1 Personalized programs that come with varying levels of coach support, which you can do at home! Following a program creates purpose in your training, it helps you stay focused on hitting your goals. Our coaches will check in with you weekly to help hold you accountable and check in on form.

Email Joe at admin@alldayfit.com for more details or check out our website here!

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