Morning and evening rituals can really set the tone for the day ahead of you. It is a regular practice done by someone, which I believe – when done naturally – can bring a sense of calm in that moment.

As I write this, I am still celebrating my win in my powerlifting meet over the weekend.  If there was one thing that made me reach my goals for this meet, if there was one thing I could take away from that day, and if there was one thing during that emotional day that just felt right, it was my ritual pre-deadlift.

Whether you are preparing for a training session/workout getting ready to start your morning off right, have a well-rested evening, or getting ready to get some work done, a ritual can come a long way.

There are many benefits to practicing regular behaviour in our everyday lives, but I’m going to give you a few reasons why getting in the right mindset before strength training can help get your head in the game.

  1. It gets the workout going!  Which can be especially useful on sluggish, unmotivated days
  2. It tunes out the noise and helps you focus.. we can get distracted by all the stimuli in the gym (or in our heads). Go through your ritual and get in the zone!!
  3. A ritual helps prep your body for a heavy lift once practiced enough times
  4. If the ritual is a technical set up, it helps avoid missing cues
  • This can also help avoid injury
  • AND will get you closer to hitting that PR 😉

How can this be done?

  • Maybe it’s a particular playlist you always listen to during your warm up (but don’t be afraid to change the playlist up when it’s not working anymore). Check out the All Day Fit Spotify!
  • When setting up for an exercise – Check out our How to Bench article!
    • Walk through your  technical cues
    • Say the cues out loud as you execute them 
    • 3-2-1 Lift!
  • Have a warm up sequence. This sequence may change for each workout, but have a similar flow you can go through so that it eventually feels natural. Check our our deadlift warmup!
  • It could be something you say to yourself before you perform an exercise
    • One of my favourite rituals done was for a heavy back squat.  At the time, my routine was simply looking at the middle of the bar, with my hands holding the bar wide and before I would pop my head under, I’d say to myself “namafcknstay”.  Ridiculous? Maybe. Did it work? Hell yeah. This was my way of calming myself down when I would be shaking of nerves, but also getting me to just the right amount of hype

Incorporate some of these tips and see what happens to your strength gains!!

We can easily get distracted with nerves, conversations with people around us, or not feel ready to lift at all.  A ritual helps tune out the noise and gets you ready to lift some heavy shit when it’s go time. 

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