Here are 8 lessons we want everyone who walks through the doors of All Day Fit to learn!


  1. Being STRONG is empowering and FEELS awesome.
  2. Workouts are not meant to be a task, they’re a tool to better our lives. We don’t HAVE to workout, we GET to. Mindset is everything.
  3. How to move well – what to do, how to do it and when to do it.
  4. Training through pain is unacceptable – workouts should build you not beat you.
  5. Our self-love and self-worth have absolutely nothing to do with our body shape or size.
  6. It’s all about creating healthy habits, not restrictions. We want to be here for 90 years not 90 days.
  7. A healthy lifestyle provides the means to lead a full life. This encompasses our training, the food we eat, how we sleep, the way we manage stress, daily movement (walk, walk walk!), the connections we have with ourselves and the people in our lives and so much more.


At All Day Fit, we are ABSOLUTELY here to teach you how to squat and deadlift like freakin’ champs but ultimately, we’re giving you the tools and space to live your BEST FREAKIN’ LIFE. Our founder, Cassie Day has been quoted to say, “we started as a workout that turned into a community 🤗 but what we’re growing into is a LIFESTYLE.”

Let’s get 3 claps for that 👏🏼👏🏽👏🏿


Join us! We’re offering your FIRST 3 ONLINE HUB CLASSES ON US! Email us at admin@alldayfit.com for more info.

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