There’s no doubt that sports are a strenuous activity on the body – many athletes retire from their sport with an injury. It doesn’t have to be this way though… With intelligent training, athletes can prevent injury and improve their sports performance.


No.1 Improves joint health

Strength training builds muscle in essential areas of your body, such as hips, back, shoulders, etc. These areas are where your joints are under the most stress. By strengthening your foundational muscles, (i.e. glutes, lats, hamstrings, etc.), you are forming better protection of your joints, and as a result, placing less strain on those joints.

No.2 Improves explosive movement

Strength training focuses on periodization: the manipulation of exercises in a way that progresses your movement and thus, continuously builds strength in that area. Explosive movement requires a significant amount of strength in your foundational movement. By strength training consistently, you know that your strength will be progressively improving, which is prepping the body for the most explosive movements it can make.

No.3 Improves bone integrity

After the age of 40, your bones will lose density by 1% each year… frightening, we know. However with intelligent activity, such as strength training, your bones are put under (good) stress which promotes cell production in bones, and thus, greater bone density.


Work with one of our Personal Trainer’s to

enjoy the endless benefits strength training offers.

In this program you will:

No.1 Improve your body’s functionality through strength training & mobility (i.e. bone, joint and connective tissue health)

No. 2 Become a more powerful athlete

No. 3 Track your habits (i.e. sleep, nutrition, hydration) to optimize your recovery outside the gym

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