6 Week Challenge Winner

Spring 2016

We had our first-ever 6-week challenge, and everyone killed it!

I helped bootcamp members zero in on both their diet and fitness goals. With informative tips and tasks, members were pushed to success and rewarded them with numerous prizes! Members were expected to take part in team workouts and individual weekend homework activities to stay motivated and on track to meet their goals. Prizes ranged unlimited monthly bootcamp packages workout to protein and BCAAs. Check out a our 6-week challenge winner below!

Our winner is Steph!

At the beginning of the 6 week challenge each member created a list of three goals they wanted to accomplish. Steph set three challenging, yet obtainable goals and crushed all three.

GOAL #1  Weight loss – Decrease in weight AND reduce body fat percentage

GOAL #2  Gain Strength – The difference between test day 1 and test day 12 numbers were substantial. Her load increased, as well as all reps over her entire body.

GOAL #3   Stronger core/Support lower back pain – CURRENTLY PAIN FREE!!! Middle and side plank times nearly double.

Winner Interview:

How did you do it?

I feel like the group exercise atmosphere and Cassie’s energy are what pulled me through to be honest. I tried to never say no in my brain while in class because I knew that if Cassie believed I could do it, then I had no excuses. I also made sure to make a healthy eating change in my life. Eating lean proteins and LOTS of fruit and vegetables, and only whole grains really made a huge difference. It was hard to make so many changes and I had moments where I did waiver, but I followed Cassie’s advice. I tried to cut out white processed sugars, processed foods, and I only ate out once a week. Her coaching played the biggest role. She asked our BOOTCAMP group via Facebook every Tuesday and Thursday who was coming to class, which held me accountable to show up and the rest just happened.

What was the easiest and most difficult part of the challenge?

After the hurdle of fitting regular exercise into my schedule two times a week, coming to class was the easiest part. The hardest part was motivating myself outside of class to get to the gym or a class on my own. I still find it hard, but I have friends from class to work out with and they are so awesome and motivate me to keep it up! It was also very difficult initially to keep my energy up, I was constantly exhausted. After about two weeks of regular exercise and eating clean, I had twice the amount of energy that I did before.

How do you look and feel, before and after?

Before starting Bootcamp I was not happy with my image and I just felt really gray and blah about life. I’m a pretty happy and positive person, but I am totally my own worst critic. Since starting a full time job I have definitely not taken the right about of care to stay happy and healthy, which used to be a big deal for me. Since starting Bootcamp, I have lost three pounds, but it feels like much more. I am stronger and more toned. I used to have pretty bad back pain, which I don’t anymore. I like how I look, and I know that now I can trust myself to keep going because of the progress I have made so far. I feel great and like the way I look, but I’m actually happier with the new positive lifestyle changes I have made.

Final line of motivation

If you’re thinking of joining a Bootcamp, JOIN THIS ONE. Cassie is seriously the best at what she does, because she lives what she teaches. Her personality makes the class super fun, and energetic. She motivates you to keep going, even when you think you can’t. THANK YOU CASSIE.


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