Personal Trainer and Fascial Stretch Therapist 

Skylar Helm

I work out to feel strong, both mentally and physically. I embrace the challenge of lifting heavy weights because it makes me feel powerful and that I can accomplish anything I set my mind too. Fitness has always been a core part of my life – from dancing at an early age to exceling on the track and field team in high school. I fell in love with post-workout high of feeling energized and alive.

At some point along my fitness journey, I fell victim, like many others, to comparing myself to others, judging my body and second-guessing my abilities in the gym. I failed to understand and appreciate my body and what it was capable of already doing for me. Health and fitness is individualized and is/looks different on each and every person.

Through my experiences and a better understanding of myself, I have now learned the importance of creating balance. I am passionate about taking care of my body inside and out. It’s my passion to educate and help others to find that balance and create the drive in them to make health and fitness become a lifestyle. I want to see my clients feel better, move better and train better!

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Name your favourite book and why

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. I could read this book over and over again. This book explains how Shonda’s entire life changed when she committed to saying “yes” to everything for one year. She is funny, real and truly inspirational.

What is your morning ritual?

As soon as I wake up I go for a glass of water, I put on a podcast or audiobook as I start to get ready and then I make a protein shake to drink on the go.

Current favorite song?

Apeshit by The Carters.

Signature Workout Weapon?

Bands! Sometimes if I’m having an off day and I feel stiff during my workouts, I can pull out bands of any strength and target that tough area. When in doubt, stretch it out!

Describe a perfect day off.

When you can sleep in! Hanging out with friends but not having any real plans to do anything until last minute. Those spontaneous days usually make for the best days!


Fascial Stretch Therapy


Fitness and Health Promotions Diploma | George Brown College

CSEP-CPT | Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

Fascial Stretch Therapy level 1 | Stretch to Win

Poliquin level 1 | Personal Trainer

Small Group Fundamentals | Darby Training Systems

DTS Level 1 | Darby Training Systems