When we say fitness affects every aspect of your life… we really mean it.

Nutrition, sleep, stress, relationships (with yourself and others) and … sex! Sex has been deemed as a taboo topic, especially for women, which unfortunately results in very few people understanding just how to optimize their sex life. We’re all trying to live our happiest, healthiest and fullest life right? A well-functioning sex life is one facet of achieving that!

Let’s get nerdy for a sec… in the 90’s a University of California study showed that consistent and intelligent exercise increased frequency of intimate activities and satisfying orgasms in almost all of the research subjects. So, let’s dive into just why and how strength training impacts your sex life for the better.

No.1 Strength training improves your relationship with your body.

Cultivating a healthy relationship with exercise will simultaneously allow you to develop a healthy relationship with your body. Self-confidence is enhanced through fitness by being able to celebrate what your body can do (i.e. lift heavy sh**!) versus what it looks like. The self-confidence you build at the gym follows you into your day-to-day life, as well as your bedroom. When your confidence is enhanced, your desire for sex increases, along with your sexual performance and experience.

No.2 Strength training improves your physical being.

Strength training builds muscle, improves cardiovascular health, enhances mobility (flexibility) and stability (balance), and minimizes pain. Overall your body is functioning in a healthy and strong manner when you strength train consistently and intelligently! This directly correlates to the way your body is functioning during sexual activities as well. Sex is a workout in and of itself – and yes, it can definetely count toward your 15 minutes of daily movement ;). Strength training improves your sexual performance and experience because you are able to (1) sustain certain sexual positions longer with greater strength and cardiovascular health, (2) move without pain (this does not include pain caused from your vulva and uterus mechanics or past trauma), and (3) reach certain positions with better mobility and stability. Not able to get your legs high during sex? Try some single leg rock backs to improve hamstring and hip flexibility.

No.3 Strength training enhances your energy levels.

So we’ve identified that strength training improves your intrapersonal and physical self, but what about your mood? Exercise produces brain chemicals that make you feel good, called serotonin, and it reduces brain chemicals that make you feel sh*tty, called cortisols. Strength training is a major stress reducer. Stress produces those sh*tty cortisol chemicals, which in turn negatively affects your sex drive, among other things, like digestion, sleep, depression and anxiety. To simplify, regular exercise = less stress = greater desire for sex. 

Okay, we know there’s a lot of info here. But the biggest thing to takeaway is that strength training affects your physical and mental state, which directly influences your desire to have sex, as well as your sexual performance and experience. We recommend incorporating strength training into your life 3x a week to sustainably feel the benefits and more specifically, improve your sex life!

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