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Real-Time Coaching and Community-Motivation

Online workouts are hard. Not only because there are so many of them to choose from, but because it’s challenging to get motivated and, frankly, easy to get bored. The same is true at a typical gym where you pay for a month or even a year at a time, only to look back and discover you worked out five times.

At All Day Fit (ADF), we understand this frustration. After experiencing working out at the “local exercise factories,” we decided enough is enough, and we started ADF.

Our Online Hub programs focus on surrounding you with like-minded individuals to hold you accountable and keep you motivated. Our trainers help you become comfortable in your body by providing structured programs and real-time coaching so you gain strength, energy and confidence.

Structured LIVE Classes

Focusing on the foundations of fitness, squats, pushes, pulls, deadlifts, lunges, and carries so you gain strength, energy, and confidence.

ADF Strength

Low impact, slow and controlled movements with a focus on form.

online hub circuit
Timed exercises with little to no rest to get your sweat on.
ADF Energy
Low to medium impact with explosive movements.
What’s Included

Community-based training

Access to recordings (24/7)

Community events and workshops

Private group

Structured training programs

30-minute goal setting call

LIVE classess every week

Variety of class styles and coaches

What’s the schedule?

What equipment is required?

Equipment is not required, but if you want to use equipment here’s a list of items we recommend.

1 Light bell (10-20 lbs)
1 Heavy bell (20 lbs and up)
1 Long loop band
1 Short loop band
1 Foam roller
1 Lacrosse ball
1 Yoga mat

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Client Love!

“Cassie and her team cultivate inclusivity, support, and community despite the challenges of online training and #zoomlife. The ADF team is the perfect mix of training expertise and fun humans. This space values YOU and YOUR BODY in all its glory. It is a place where you are welcome to take up space and learn to come home to yourself through movement and I am just so so grateful to be a member.”

Sophia Giaccone

Online Hub Questions

Difference between Strong Academy and Online Hub?

Strong Academy is our committed small group training program. This means your sessions are a set schedule with the same coach and teammates for the duration of the program. 

The Online Hub offers a flexible schedule, a variety of class themes and gives you the autonomy to schedule workouts when they are convenient for you. Each class in the Online Hub guarantees thorough coaching, high energy and the All Day Fit Community.

What equipment do I need?

Equipment is not required but here is what we recommend:

1 Light bell (10-20 lbs)
1 Heavy bell (20 lbs and up)
1 Long loop band
1 Short loop band
1 Foam roller
1 Lacrosse ball
1 Yoga mat

What if I’m a beginner. Will I be able to keep up?

You do not need to have any experience! We have worked with people brand new to strength training and seasoned vets. We can make recommendations based on your fitness level to get you started in All Day Fit programming.

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