Self-Love: It costs nothing and you gain everything. 

This years Self Love September featured a workshop that focused on meditating and dialing into……

The biggest learning lesson from the month of reflection was: if you can’t say something nice to yourself PRACTICE.

Meditate & Manifest kicked off with a 45 minute self-love meditation where we had the opportunity to reflect, clear our minds and enhance our well-being. We honed in on our self-worth, silenced inner negative thoughts and embraced ourselves in our current state. 

Following the meditation, our very own Cassie and Casey hosted a self love workshop. In this safe and welcoming space we had the opportunity to reflect on our journal prompts from Self Love September and identify the parts of ourselves we find difficult, challenging and uncomfortable. IT was an opportunity to let go of self-doubt and propel our minds toward a positive, loving and powerful state. 

Thanks to Meagan, who specializes in calligraphy,  everyone went home with a personalized mantra to hang on their wall or frame. Some of the mantras include: 

  • Make your own damn rules. 
  • Look to this day for it is life. 
  • Believe. 
  • You are beautiful inside and out.
  • My body is my home. I will give it the love and care it deserves. 

Honey Bee Meals, Raiz, Rebel Wellness,  and New Moon Kitchen kept us nourished and warm during the workshop!

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