On Sunday, October 15th, I had the opportunity to sit on a panel with some of Toronto’s most inspirational boss entrepreneurs to talk about all things Self-Love.

Moderated by Hanna Kim, a digital marketer by day and photographer side hustler by night, we led each other through discussion to learn what Self Love meant to us, and how we continue to find time for ourselves each day.

Meet the panelists:

Mary Young, a lingerie & lounge wear designer, is taking the industry by storm by shifting the way women can feel in lingerie. Her Instagram is filled with body-positive women and has recently launched a #SelfLoveClub:

“This conversation isn’t only about loving yourself, but also about loving others. We need to make space that is inviting and accepting of everyone; of everyone’s past, present, future, struggles, successes and more. We need to support each other, in both confidence and insecurities. Allowing each other to speak openly without fear of judgement is the first step.”

Mary is all about empowering women with what they’ve already got – their bodies.

Mary’s pro-tip on giving yourself some tender self-love and care: get rid of the negatives in your life, starting with your Instagram. Unfollow the accounts that make you feel bad about yourselves, that bring feelings of envy, you don’t need that.

Brittny Robins, founder of Flawless By Friday has built a skincare that “isn’t about being flawless like Gigi Hadid. It’s about your personal version of flawless when you feel your best.”

Brittny’s pro-tip: do you. Don’t compare yourself with your other friends that are all getting married, compare your relationship with others, and get out of the negative ones you’re in, no matter how long you’ve been with them. Don’t get stuck.

Sara Moncrieff, Healer & Meditation Teacher, knows almost everything about you that you also know, but need to hear again. Sara helps to remove what’s blocking your energy or where you are stagnant so that you can see yourself clearly.

“The best things in life come to you with an open heart. Let yourself open on a new level to who you really are. You will deepen your understanding of self-love and how it relates to your passion, purpose, and creativity.”

Sara’s pro-tip: The most important relationship we have is with ourselves It’s the true basis of the types of relationships we can have with others.

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