Morning Ritual

Honestly I need coffee first thing in the morning. I was not born a morning person, I have just transformed into one over the years. I usually have warm water with lemon as soon as I get up, followed by a bulletproof coffee to get me through the first few hours of the morning. I also put my phone on airplane mode every night before bed and try not to turn it off until I leave the house in the morning… No distractions from coffee.

Signature Workout Weapon

I really enjoy challenging people mentally and physically (hope that doesn’t sound too evil), so usually a move that involves some coordination and strength, like bear crawls or Turkish get ups.

Life Mantra

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.” – Henry Ford. This is one of my favorite quotes, because it so simply explains mindset. Your mindset is everything and can totally determine the choices you make and the direction of your life. You have no idea what your limit is until you test it.

If a celeb were to play you in a movie, who would it be?

April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) from Parks & Rec is me, you don’t even have to make a movie.

Personal Trainer

Sarah Truesdale

When I was a kid, my favorite game to play was “Doctor”, I always wanted to fix and help people. Anytime someone got hurt in the playground or anytime a friend needed advice they would come to me first. In school I assumed medicine was in my future, but I quickly learned I didn’t want to prescribe medication or put band-aids on. I wanted to find the root cause of their problems and help them improve their everyday lives. I found I was able to do this best through exercise and movement.

After attending George Brown for Fitness and Health Promotion I started working in a corporate setting, where everyone’s biggest problem was sitting. Although I’ve been correcting hip mobility and posture for years, I have only recently seen how stress and mental well being can play a huge role in overall health. Working in an office with a high stress environment, it is clear how it has negatively affected the employee’s health. This is even true for me. I thought I was immune to stress because I love my job, I eat well, and I exercise regularly. Stress can affect your body in ways we aren’t even aware of. As I learn to manage the stresses in my own life, I see the importance in teaching this to my clients and people I interact with in the office.

Personal Training is exactly that, personal. I don’t think our job is just to help our clients reach their fitness goals, but reach beyond that and make their overall life better. That includes all elements of wellness, which may seem like a lot, but All Day Fit has made me feel more than capable of accomplishing that.

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Burgers or tacos? Tacos (with a margarita of course)

Sweet or salty? Sweet

New clothes or new phone? New clothes (I break my phone too often, I would be broke)

Deadlifts or squats? Deadlifts

Tea or coffee? Coffee! (yum!!!)

Live band or DJ?  Live band

Ninjas or pirates?  Ninja (because they always wear black)


Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma – George Brown