Dear Reader,

You’re human, you’re allowed to be weak. You are allowed to feel stressed. You are allowed to get overwhelmed. Just don’t unpack and live in your sadness. FEEL it and move to where there is healing.

Do you ever have those days where everything feels great? You’re on top of your work, you ate really well, moved your body, saw some friends and feel relaxed for once, “YAS!”. Fast forward to the next day and all of your insecurities and stressors are present at the same time. You may now be feeling overwhelmed with work, added on top of your social life (or lack of because you can’t make it to your friends’ birthday tonight) and meanwhile trying to stay on top of your personal goals… let’s talk about feeling pulled in all directions, “WOAH!”.

These spiraling thoughts often lead to a feeling we associate as stress.

Today was one of those days for me, and I’m not going to lie, it is often when things seem to feel the most together that they quickly fall apart. What is most important to recognize is that these feelings are valid and real, but they are not allowed to take over our lives. They are here to push us forward, and thus, we must learn how to tackle them.

Cassie Day (the extraordinary founder of All Day Fit) shares some powerful steps to this:

Step 1: Recognize that you are not stressed, stress is a feeling you are having.

Step 2: Take a deep breath and a long exhale. Repeat.

Step 3: Replace “stressed” with “overwhelmed”. You can handle overwhelmed.

Step 4: Make a list of everything in your brain. Choose to tackle one of these at a time and recognize that trying to do everything at once is impossible and will only lead to the opposite.

Step 5: TACKLE IT, one by one. YOU GOT THIS.

Thank you, Cassie, and thank you, reader. You really do got this.

Joe, xo

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