What is Mobility? 

The ability to move your body freely and efficiently from one position to the other, through a wide range of motion, pain-free.

Mobility is something we can easily lose when we don’t use it. We keep our mobility by choosing exercises that focus on increasing our range of motion, stabilization, and muscle control.

Joint Mobility is the range of optimal movement around a joint and Joint Stability is the ability to maintain or control joint movement or position. 

While flexibility can help increase our mobility, flexibility and mobility are 2 different concepts. Flexibility is the ability to lengthen a muscle or group of muscles passively through a movement. Mobility is how well the joint can move actively through a movement

Inefficient mobility can start to take an effect on our daily life, such as cleaning or showering. There are many factors that can contribute to those habits being formed such as muscle imbalances, tight or weak muscles and improper alignment or posture. 

To be mobile is to feel strong and stable, to decrease the chance of injury, move effortlessly and live pain-free. 

Looking to add a recovery day into your week with more structure? Join me Sundays at 9:30 AM EST for 30 minutes to help you unlock and release any tight joints and muscles. I’ll be taking you through active and passive movements to explore where your body needs extra love and attention to help you achieve optimal positions for your hub workouts.

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