Have you felt like the time and energy you’ve put toward your fitness goals isn’t giving you the return you want?

There’s no doubt that that is a frustrating feeling. Feeling like you’ve accomplished little progress can feel as though your goals are unattainable in the first place. We’ve got 3 tips for you to help reach your fitness goals in 2022.

No.1 Find someone or something to hold you accountable.

Whether it be a coach or program, having an external expectation to show up to your workouts will help you remain consistent. Consistency is the key to hitting your goals. When working with a coach or program, you’ve set up a structured routine of fitness which makes it a more habitual activity in your life.

No. 2 Create goals based on how you feel.

Is your goal to workout 3x a week? Why? Tap into the feelings that this kind of goal will create. For instance, working out 3x a week may help reduce your back pain or improve your sleep quality – which both help you feel better. This process will also help eliminate goals that are unsustainable because they rely on your physical appearance versus how you feel.

No. 3 Focus on the small wins that get you to your bigger goals.

The magic is in the small wins, knowing they are the stepping stones to your bigger goals. Putting emphasis on the process, by acknowledging meaningful progress, boosts your emotions and positively shapes your perspectives. The way you perceive your progress affects your day-to-day motivation because of the sense of accomplishment and feeling like you are making a difference. Your goals become more attainable when you are able to enjoy the process along the way.

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