Do you practice daily gratitude? 🌈

Every morning as part of my journaling practice I write down 1 thing I’m grateful for. Your brain is a powerful tool. Doing this daily will rewire your brain to be naturally more grateful, more empathetic and HAPPIER. ☀️ Gratitude doesn’t have to be saved for the “big” things in life. The habit of being grateful starts with appreciating everything in life and recognizing that there is nothing too small for you to be thankful for. Gratitude is not only about being thankful for positive experiences.

I challenge you to write out 10 things you’re grateful for. 

  1. My family and friends
  2. My health and happiness
  3. Our All Day Fit family 💗💚
  4. Waking up and doing what I love, every single day
  5. Life’s challenges – for helping me grow and become the person I am
  6. Trap bars
  7. Drake
  8. Social media – for connecting me with other like-minded people
  9. Sunrises and sunsets
  10. Being able to see, smell, taste, hear and touch
  11. When a stranger holds the door
  12. Jahmeek’s cooking
  13. Spell check
  14. Chocolate
  15. Having 4 seasons
  16. Cameras to capture memories
  17. Finding my keys and credit card every time I lose them
  18. The ability to travel the world
  19. Date nights
  20. Love movies
  21. The opportunity to have an education
  22. Uncontrollable laughter
  23. Living pain-free
  24. Goodnight kisses
  25. Coffee
  26. Being able to set and achieve goals
  27. Kindness of strangers – for brightening up days when you least expect it
  28. Traditions
  29. Creating a future with someone
  30. Teamwork
  31. Workout clothes being trendy AF
  32. Being able to experience all emotions
  33. Fresh bed sheets and duvet
  34. Having a passion
  35. Old photographs
  36. Not having to set an alarm
  37. Sunday mornings
  38. Bad days that make you appreciate the good ones
  39. Open minded people
  40. Good hair days
  41. Trips to the dentist
  42. Bear hugs
  43. Cuddles 💗
  44. Thankful for each of you for reading this far 👇🏼😅

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