This has been a LONG time coming for Erin.  A social butterfly, kick-ass strength, QUEEN of experiences and events (high chances you met Erin at an event and had an amazing conversation), and an all-around lovely person to spend time with.

Since Erin started personal training at the end of 2019, she has been consistent with her workouts, takes onus to conquer each monthly program and is willing to do whatever she can to reach her strength goals. That means constant awareness of nutrition, stress, hydration, sleep and mobility work. Even during this challenging situation, Erin is doing consistent 1:1 virtual training sessions. NO EXCUSES for this woman.

I want to congratulate Erin for recently hitting 95lb on the bench press for 8 reps, which is 5lb shy of her recent 100lb goal!!

I am SO proud of Erin for all of her dedication and hard work, her love for the community, and serious numbers in her strength training.  Keep being so amazing in all areas of life 🙂

We love you, Erin!

Carolyn XO


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