As we look back on Winter 2019 Strong Academy, we can’t help but feel all the feels! We’re grateful to every one of our teammates for showing up ready to learn and work each morning. We’re impressed by the incredible gains made in body and mind over the course of the program. We’re a little heartbroken to see these three months come to a close, but we’re also hopeful for the next round of Strong Academy, and excited to meet a new crew to share this experience with!

The first goal of Academy is to learn the fundamentals of strength training and how to move properly. We came from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, but as a group, we learned how to handle equipment and became comfortable in the gym. Together we squatted, deadlifted, pressed and pulled some seriously heavy weights! After three months of challenging ourselves to be better every day, here are our biggest takeaways:

  1. Everything is better with a team
    When you have a team of supporters to pick you up when you’re not at your best and to celebrate your wins with you, it’s impossible to feel like you’re alone in your strength journey!
  1. 3 Months of consistent strength training makes you STRONG
    It almost feels like there’s too much to highlight when it comes to the strength that was built over this round of Academy. Beyond the insane progress that we saw in quality of movement and mechanics, we had the opportunity to celebrate progressing to some of the most challenging versions of exercises, first-ever pull-ups, and massive deadlift and squat records!
  1. Nutrition, sleep and stress matter
    We all connected the dots between how our habits outside of the gym directly impact our performance in training. Luckily, with so many accountability partners, we had many reasons to learn about and improve in these areas.
  1. Learning about your body leads to pain-free movement
    There were SO MANY past injuries that we learned about, understood, and overcame to restore pain-free movement in the gym and in daily life. These are the wins that we really love because they make lives better. It’s one of the main reasons why we believe in strength training!
  1. Awareness is KEY
    Every single person in the room learned something about themselves that they will carry with them far beyond the walls of Strong Academy.

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