Thank you for joining the Online Hub! We love connecting with you, having fun and growing strong together!

Please read a few of our kind class requests:
  • Be mindful of background noise. Email notifications, texts, banging and loud voices can be triggering and distracting to others. While we encourage you to stay unmuted so we can hear your feedback and cheer, we ask that you please be cautious of the noise going on around you and mute yourself or notifications if needed. You can let us know in the chat if this occurs.
  • Position your camera so we can see you! This will ensure the coaches can help correct form and cheer you on. We will sometimes highlight individuals in certain exercises. If you wish to not be highlighted, you can let the coach know at the start of class! We will absolutely understand and respect your wishes.
  • Commit to the process. Let’s be sure to put our phones and any other distractions away! This is one hour just for you and you’ll get a better workout this way too 😉 
  • Recognize this is a shared space. We want you to get the most out of your workout and our community! We love hearing about your life, how you’re feeling and your commentary. We also want to emphasize that there are typically 20 – 30 others also on the call and we equally want to hear about their lives as well. We ask that you be mindful of the space <3 
  • Be on time! We love you all, but everyone being late to class makes it really hard for our coaches to coach. Please make an effort to be on time and arrive 5 – 10 mins early to get set up. You can use the time to roll out any sore muscles, connect with the team and prepare your mind for your workout!

We appreciate your understanding and support! Do you have any questions? Text us at 647- 952 – 9449 we’d love to chat!