WOW, what a month…of delicious food, colourful pictures, new recipes and food plans! Congratulations on making it through Nutrition November and all the smart and healthy choices that have gone into your cooking.

A HUGE thank you for embracing Nutrition November and tackling each week’s challenge head on. We are so proud of the work you have put in!

Moving forward we hope you continue these habits and do your best to live by the All Day Fit Nutrition Philosophy. Remember you have a huge community by your side that is here for support and recipe inspiration when needed!

This short video by Michael Pollan reiterates how we have approached Nutrition November. If you haven’t checked out COOKED on Netfilx we highly recommend, you will learn a lot!


Congratulations to Our Winners

Tied at a total of 25 points – SAM and JOE crushed Nutrition November. Each will receive a Live Red Blood Cell Analysis from Darou Wellness!!

What is a Live Blood Cell Analysis?

Live Blood Cell Analysis looks through your cells, plasma, and immune system to identify potential pathogens like bacteria and parasites, yeast/candida, inflammation, stress, toxins, etc. The analysis will be able to uncover clues to why common digestive symptoms like gas and bloating, fatigue, IBS are present. The analysis also includes dietary and lifestyle recommendations to address any symptoms. Learn the story of your blood!


Missed the Workshops this Month!?! Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Read Catherine’s Komubucha recipes…make some just in time for the holidays.

Ferrero Rochers, Vegan Ginger Cookies, Eggnog and Mulled Wine! Read more about Baking with Brooke!

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