Our first Fit Escapes was a truly an unforgettable experience. Spent a full week surfing, hiking, working out, practicing yoga, touring cities, volcano boarding, salsa dancing, tree jumping, wakeboarding, racing horses on the beach, watching sunrises and sunsets, eating delicious food, playing board games, having bonfires in the pouring rain and drinking a few too many Tonas some nights. Most importantly, we laughed, learned and grew together and that I’ll never forget. đź’—

Jahmeek and I spent the second week traveling around the country. Honestly, I’ve been to 22 countries so far and nothing has compared to Nicaragua. The only way I can explain it is, peaceful. Unlike other countries where you’re hiking half paved volcanoes with 60 tour buses of tourist, in Nicaragua at times we were the only group on the excursions. I highly recommended getting there in the next 10 years!

Our Path

  • Rise Up, Chinandega for our Retreat
  • Day Tripped to Leon City – go to the cathedral!
  • Climb Nicaragua’s most active volcano Cerro Negro and sand boarded down the other side
  • Bused to San Juan del Sur just in time for SUNDAY FUNDAY!
  • Rented four wheelers and cruised around San Juan del Sur
  • Drove motorcycles across Ometepe Island (SO BEAUTIFUL!) Also, preferably with prior experience so you don’t end up with a huge damage bill like Jahmeek LOL.. but actually.
  • Headed back to Managua where we flew to Little Corn Island
  • Spent our last couple days tanning, swimming, drinking, snorkeling, hammocking and soaking in the hippie island vibes with coconut in-hand, very refreshing for a change. There were no cars on Little Corn Island!

If you recommendations for accomodation or drives comment below! 

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