We use the lacrosse ball as a way to help release tight and/or knotted muscles before and/or after workouts. When we roll, we want to ensure that we are staying on the muscles to release these trigger points while avoiding bones and tendons. Here are the 5 areas I find I get the most relief from.

Bottom of Foot

Start with the ball about 1 inch below the big toe and move the ball from side to side, keeping it 1 inch below the toes. Apply pressure as you move slowly. 

From there, move the ball down your foot staying on the outside of your foot and stop at the heel and apply more pressure. 

Start rolling the ball up your foot by travelling up the inside of your foot. 

Take your time, then start to roll the ball up and down the middle of your foot.

Outside of Calves

Find the boney landmark on the outside of your knee and place the ball about 1 inch below. 

Start rolling the ball 3-4 inches back and forth, applying pressure to loosen up the muscles.

Belly of the Calf

Sitting on your butt with your legs straight out, find the belly of your calf and place the ball directly underneath. 

As you roll back and forth, you should see the ball under your muscle.


Bend your elbow in towards your body at 90 degrees. 

Find your elbow bone and place the ball just on the outside, you should feel the muscles of the forearm. 

Roll the ball 3-4 inches at a time, applying as much pressure as needed.

Upper Trapezius (Top of Shoulders)

Standing with your back to a wall, place the ball about 1 inch below the top of your shoulders.

Roll side to side as your lean into the wall to add more pressure. 

Make sure you stay on the muscle as you go from the neck back out to your shoulders.

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