I shared my story on social media.  It was the first time I had put my rawest version of my story from what I could remember, including a version that I did not know existed until I started speaking the truth.

It’s an interesting idea that when we become vulnerable, when we become something that our minds think will make us appear weaker, we express our strongest selves.

To me, strength comes from being vulnerable, not being afraid to challenge your weaknesses and your fears, and allowing yourself to express what you have to offer.

For me now, that meant sharing my story.

For me last year, that meant constantly hitting new PRs in the gym.

Tomorrow? It means constantly fighting the mental health struggles, it means resting my body so I have the most potential when I work out the next day, and it means that I continue on this journey..

One of the reasons why I love strength training so much is because there is a time in your training where you start to realize the power of a program:

We may or may not have goals, but if you’re in tune with each rep and set, when you understand that you won’t always increase your weight, that there will be days where you just don’t feel like going to the gym, and you may or MAY NOT go and that’s okay, when you celebrate progression, and when you feel the power of working with like minded individuals.. Can you find these things in your life?

Can you be in tune with the moment? Enjoy quality time with someone else or when alone? Are you patient in your process, that things won’t always just get better? Do you take a minute, hour or day to allow yourself to take the time for what you need – to not force yourself into situations that you don’t feel is right? Do you celebrate? Do you surround yourself with people with energy that lifts you up?

So I have a question for you, if you find similar concepts in life that we achieve from strength training, or vice versa, how strong do YOU feel?

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